Christopher Kellermeyer

My lords! My ladies. And everyone else here not sitting in an office chair! Today….today….you find yourselves equals. For you are all equally blessed. For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure….of introducing to you an I.T. guy sired by I.T. guys. A computer expert who can trace his lineage back beyond ARPANET. I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to Kubric’s Monolith, asking Its forgiveness for the A.I. blood spilt by his code. Next, he amazed me further still in Singapore when he saved a fatherless Intel microchip from the would-be ravishings of its dreadful AMD uncle. In Greece, he spent a year in silence….just to better understand the sound…of a whisper. And so, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the Seeker of Serenity, the Protector of processors, the Enforcer of Kubric’s Monolith, the one, the only, SIR Chrrrristopher Kellermeyer!!

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Day 5, 9:00-10:25am: RFID solutins amid COVID-19 - Avin Lee Shinn Hwa (FE Technologies) with Christopher Kellermeyer (Altadena Public Library) and Spencer Smith (McKinney Public Library) (online workshop)

FE Technologies is a leading global supplier of library RFID products and we have over 1000 sites installed to date. A relative newcomer to the US market, our team based in Texas is rapidly growing as our customer base expands, and to date we have a large range of libraries as customers here, including, McKinney Public Library, Payson City, Hennepin County, Virginia Beach, Altadena, Euless, Benbroock, Deschutes, and many more.

  • A range of Self Check solutions to suit every budget and library architecture
  • Staff circulation tools that allow full integration with the ILS for multiple item check in and check out
  • Returns chutes and a Smart Bin that automatically and instantly check in items
  • The innovative Sort Assistant software that uses onscreen color-coded bars to conduct a detailed sort of returned items and * automatically printed hold slips and transit slips
  • Security Gates with a range of installations options to suit all types of entranceways
  • The fastest inventory device on the market that can also update the ILS live
  • Mobile applications including the ability for patrons and staff to check out items using a cellphone
  • Automatic Sorters and all componentry

FE Technologies has recently doubled its US office size and team size with a recent spate of new hires with specialist library and ILS experience, ready to help your journey to a library RFID solution that suits your unique requirements.

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