David Nind

I am from Wellington, New Zealand. While I don’t use Koha in my work, I love libraries, reading, learning, and free software. For the Koha community, I currently look after the @kohails Twitter account, Zotero bibliography, and am a member of the documentation team.

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 1, 2:20-2:45pm: From a manual to a documentation portal…what’s the future for Koha’s documentation? - David Nind (live, in-person)

Everyone likes using documentation – from helping to solve immediate problems, to tutorials and guides, to learning how to do something new. However, it is challenging to organise, write, translate, and keep up-to-date. How can the Koha community improve our documentation to support and keep up with the needs and expectations of our worldwide community, now and in the future? This session will share what the documentation team is doing now, and planning for the future.

Day 2, 3:40-3:50pm: Working with messy data - David Nind (live, in-person)

A quick introduction to using OpenRefine for tidying up messy data and getting it ready to import into Koha. (

Day 3, 2:30-2:40pm: Wikidata – what libraries need to know about wikidata, the Wikipedia project you’ve probably never heard of - David Nind (live, in-person)

A quick guide to what it is, how to edit it, and some practical uses for libraries (

Day 5: Workshops, 11:00am-12:25pm: Documentation - David Nind (in-person, Thorndon Room)

A hands-on practical session to get you started contributing to Koha’s documentation:

  • The easy way to edit: A hands-on step-by-step walk through of the process using just a browser.
  • Working with a local repository: Setting up a local content development environment overnight.
  • Working out what to work on: Identifying and selecting documentation tasks.
  • It’s not just writing: Other ways to contribute to the documentation.

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