Ian Beardslee

Catalyst Open Source Academy Coordinator, Catalyst IT

Ian has been at Catalyst IT for just under 15 years, cursing at computers in different roles over that time. Although at times regrets not having trained in professional macramé, he does usually enjoy working with people and computers. In his spare time he likes hurting himself while not skiing, not getting hit by people and alternating between watching the vege garden grow and ripping the weeds that weren’t actually veges out.

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 3, 11:00–11:25 Catalyst Academy - Ian Beardslee, Catalyst (live, in-person)

Piloted in 2011, the Open Source Academy is a Catalyst initiative designed to provide training and work experience for young technologists. The creation of Catalyst’s Arduino Academy soon followed in 2013. Through a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on project work, Ian and his fellow tutors and mentors work with students to show them how to participate in open source projects and the wider community. Both Academies attract a large number of interested and enthusiastic applicants.

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