Janet McGowan

I’m Janet McGowan, now Director of Operations at PTFS Europe. I’ve worked with the company since 2011 and have a background as a systems librarian in a UK university library. I like cats and books, my favourite colour is green, and my favourite New Zealand sweet is the Perky Nana!

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 2, 3:55-4:20pm: You say tomayto, I say tomahto - Janet McGowan, PTFS Europe (pre-recorded talk)

As we know, Koha is in use in hundreds of libraries around the world, but all libraries have their own workflows and ideas of how features should work. From the point of view of rolling out new implementations and handling support, I’ll give examples of contrasting requirements for features or behaviours and I’ll offer some ideas on “twisting” Koha to fill the gaps.

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