Kelly McElligott

Kelly is energetic and personable which makes her perfect for her role as an Educator with ByWater Solutions. Kelly’s background is in the Public Library sector starting with Technical Services and then moving towards a Systems oriented librarian. Although her degree is from the University of Arizona, she is an East Coaster all the way through! Currently, she resides in Maine, works from home and travels to libraries assisting with their migration to Koha. In addition to educating new libraries in Koha, she creates a weekly podcast with Jessie Zairo about Koha. The topics Kelly and Jessie cover in the podcast, Monday Minutes, range from upgrade features, contributing to the Koha community and cool unknown system preferences.

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Day 3, 2:45-3:10pm: Teamwork: we have your back! - Kelly McElligott, ByWater Solutions (live, online)

Kelly and Jessie took the question, how to continue to educate Koha users as the software grows and flourishes each and every upgrade? In what way/s can learning Koha be fun and educational? Solution: Monday Minutes! Jessie and Kelly created a weekly tutorial video and blog post called Monday Minutes with Jessie and Kelly. This has been very successful with our partners. Our goal was to break down one thing in Koha, demonstrate it, talk about use cases, and do this in less than 10 minute videos for users to watch. In this presentation, we will tell you how we created educational, fun, short videos to train Koha users. Through teamwork – we can make it easier and more enjoyable. Isn’t work fun with another fellow colleague in the trenches with you? Turn to Jessie and Kelly for help – we present our making of tutorial videos about Koha and so much more.

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