Kristina Hoeppner

Kristina is the project lead and community facilitator for the open source Mahara ePortfolio project. She has been working on the project at Catalyst in Aotearoa New Zealand for ten years, having found her way to the software in 2008 while still in Europe. She is keen to connect community members to learn from each other and share their ideas with the rest of the community to foster the portfolio pedagogy and practices not just within our community but also the wider education one and also find ways to connect other tools to establish a learning environment where it is easy to exchange information.

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 2, 11:30-11:55am: Stronger through integration - Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst (live, in-person)

Koha is an impressive integrated library management system that can also be used creatively, for example to inventory media devices at a school. However, it cannot be all the things to everyone, and it can be beneficial to integrate it with other systems. In this session, I would like to brainstorm integration ideas with the audience to connect Koha to a learning management system, an ePortfolio system, and others. How can we harness the rich data that is is in Koha and make it available in other systems? Are there are any common scenarios that people have asked about in the Koha community or that have been discussed at organisations working with Koha? At Kohacon we have the chance to brainstorm these ideas and maybe even develop them further during the workshop days.

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