Lisette Scheer

Lisette Scheer works for the Latah County Library District as a System Administrative Specialist. She is also the current president of the Koha-US user’s group. During her free time, Lisette enjoys puzzles, games, and spending time with her partner and their cat.

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 1, 11:25-11:50pm: 46 libraries, 15 groups, 1 consortium – so now what? - Lisette Scheer (pre-recorded talk, online)

The Valnet consortium has 46 individual libraries across 15 hierarchical groups. We use jquery to customise a variety of pages to fit the needs of individual libraries and groups within the consortium. This presentation will focus on troubles faced by consortium and how we solve them.

Day 3, 11:30-11:40pm: Koha-US: Life since Portland Kohacon 2018 - Lisette Scheer (pre-recorded talk with liva Q&A, online)

An update on what Koha-US has been up to since Portland Kohacon 2018.

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