Rachel Hamilton-Williams

Kia ora, I’m the founder of Katipō Communications, leader of the team who convinced Horowhenua Library we could write an open source library system, starting this whole crazy fun. Katipō still hosts the Koha mailing lists (and maybe a couple of Koha), and I help lost souls find the resources they need. Having spent the last 3 years being a contractproject manager for a local City Council, I think there is definitely room for more open source in Local Government, and would love to hear from anyone whose Council is working on an Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system).

I’m the Chair of Tohatoha Aotearoa Commons (, a not for profit which grewout of creative commons, and now we’re running multiple programmes, and working toprioritise education to prevent the spread of disinformation and misinformation online. One of our missions is to work towards a carbon neutral internet.Having been Covid-d out of my last contract, so I’m looking for new opportunities.

Catch me at Kohacon20

Day 2, 9:00-9:25pm: The 1999 Koha project team – Rosalie Blake, Rachel Hamilton-Williams, and Chris Cormack (live, in-person)

Three of the original project team members reflect on how we got here.

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