Rebekka Pilppula

I’ve worked as a director of libraries in Turku since 2018. Earlier I worked as a director of Joensuu Regional library (2005-2017). I have been a member of the board of the Finnish Library Association (2006-2011) and a member of IFLA’s Public Libraries section’s standing committee (2010-2013). I was the deputy chairman of the Council for Public Libraries 2009-2011 and the chairman 2013-2017. I’ve been the Chairman of the Board of Koha-Suomi Ltd since the foundation of the company (2016).

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Day 3, 9:30-9:55pm: World’s best libraries - Rebekka Pilppula (pre-recorded, online)

Finnish public libraries are efficient and innovative libraries that are highly respected around the world. All the public libraries use progressive library systems and use of automation is common. Almost 80% of all Finns use annually public library. Loans per capita last year were 15,4. Total amount of the loans was almost 85,000,000. The presentation will describe the story behind the success. The presentation will also point out the meaning of the library system to the efficient library work and the quality of customer service.

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