Spencer Smith

Spencer is the Director of Libraries for the city of McKinney, Texas. He joined the McKinney team in August of 2015. Prior to that, he was Library Director for the town of Little Elm, and before that a knowledge manager for a venture capital firm. He has been working within the Koha community since 2012.

McKinney Public Library system consists of 2 branch libraries with 49 fulltime equivalent staff serving an exurban community of 195,000 people. The libraries, working under the division of building relationships and impacting lives through discovering, learning, and fun, saw recent circulation volumes surpass 1.6 million checkouts per year, or just under 5 checkouts per visit.

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Day 5, 9:00-10:25am: RFID solutins amid COVID-19 - Avin Lee Shinn Hwa (FE Technologies) with Christopher Kellermeyer (Altadena Public Library) and Spencer Smith (McKinney Public Library) (online workshop)

FE Technologies is a leading global supplier of library RFID products and we have over 1000 sites installed to date. A relative newcomer to the US market, our team based in Texas is rapidly growing as our customer base expands, and to date we have a large range of libraries as customers here, including, McKinney Public Library, Payson City, Hennepin County, Virginia Beach, Altadena, Euless, Benbroock, Deschutes, and many more.

  • A range of Self Check solutions to suit every budget and library architecture
  • Staff circulation tools that allow full integration with the ILS for multiple item check in and check out
  • Returns chutes and a Smart Bin that automatically and instantly check in items
  • The innovative Sort Assistant software that uses onscreen color-coded bars to conduct a detailed sort of returned items and * automatically printed hold slips and transit slips
  • Security Gates with a range of installations options to suit all types of entranceways
  • The fastest inventory device on the market that can also update the ILS live
  • Mobile applications including the ability for patrons and staff to check out items using a cellphone
  • Automatic Sorters and all componentry

FE Technologies has recently doubled its US office size and team size with a recent spate of new hires with specialist library and ILS experience, ready to help your journey to a library RFID solution that suits your unique requirements.

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